sunshine, magicians, Beyonce, & toast talk

The weather has been ab-so-loot-lee gorgeous here. Sun for days, and it’s in the 70s-80s. I somehow managed to leave work at 2 pm today and will be doing the rest of my work from home this evening. I did some of it while sitting in a lawn chair in the sun today. I feel like that’s the best workspace I’ve ever had. I have a tie-out for my dog in the front yard (I never leave him tied up outside without supervision) so he can safely hang out with me when I’m out there. I’ve been doing a lot of reading outside in the sun with  my pup next to me, which feels pretty sublime.

Speaking of reading, I’m currently on book three of The Magicians Trilogy. It’s sort of like Harry Potter in that it involves a school for magic, but more grown up (the students are college aged) and quite a bit grittier…think sex, drugs, and alcohol. The first book was a little difficult to get into, but the second half is well worth it. I don’t want to describe much because spoilers, but I can definitely recommend the series. It’s exactly the type of fantasy books I enjoy, and I reckon if you like Diana Wynne Jones’s books, or Harry Potter, you’ll probably like these books as well.

I tend to listen to music on headphones while I read, and right now I’ve been listening to Beyonce’s new album, Lemonade, on repeat (me and everyone else on the planet right now). I haven’t watched the movie yet, but I’m going to (tonight, hopefully!). My favorite song is Hold Up. All of the lyrics to that song are A+, but I’m particularly infatuated with:

Let’s imagine for a moment that you never made a name for yourself
Or mastered wealth, they had you labeled as a king
Never made it out the cage, still out there movin’ in them streets
Never had the baddest woman in the game up in your sheets
Would they be down to ride?
No, they used to hide from you, lie to you
But y’all know we were made for each other
So I find you and hold you down

Really interested in whether the album is fact or fiction. It seems so pointed at Jay Z but it could also just be a really clever fictional story.

I tend to go through phases where I want to eat the same meal multiple times a day for weeks at a time. Right now, I’m alllll about toast. I’m obsessed with Dave’s Killer Bread, particularly Good Seed. Here are the current variations I’ve been rotating through:

  1. Good Seed bread, toasted, spread with Adam’s Peanut Butter (I like crunchy), and sometimes a little bit of honey. Pro tip: put the honey on BEFORE the peanut butter. The peanut butter locks the honey in and it doesn’t drip everywhere!
  2. Good Seed bread, toasted, spread with butter and Marmite*, topped with smashed avocado and a fried egg (runny yolk needed!). No need for salt on the egg, since the Marmite provides that. (*Give Marmite a chance! If you’ve never tried it, you should! It’s salty and has almost a soy sauce taste, which pairs really well with the avocado. It’s also full of B vitamins. The key is to use it sparingly. A little bit goes a long way!)
  3. Good Seed bread, toasted, topped with avocado tuna salad. I like albacore canned tuna (or the kind in a pouch–I love that you don’t have to drain this tuna!). You can mix it with smashed avocado and skip mayo. I like to sprinkle a little bit of seasoning salt and sesame seeds on top. (If you have access to high-quality canned salmon, that’s also super delicious with avocado.)



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